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Our 3-stage filtration process. Pre-filter + Medical Grade HEPA + Activated Carbon

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"Glad we have finally found a chic air purifier that works! Day to day toxins affect our health severely, so this gorgeous unit is amazing for our clinic and homes!" Chae C, Naturopath QLD

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Medical Grade H13 HEPA

The gold standard in air purification. Traps airborne contaminants like dust, allergens, mould spores, bacteria, and smoke.

This filtration technology can remove up to 99.95% of all particle sizes down to 0.1 microns (one millionth of a metre)

HEPA vs COVID transmission

HEPA filtration technology is truly the way of the future in reducing contamination indoors. Alongside with improving air quality, it has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of transmission.

"Cheapest & most effective way”

Battle the spread. The German government invested £452m in 2020 in improving ventilation systems in public buildings, schools, upgrading air cons & adding air purifiers whilst New York City has already distributed 100,000 air (Hepa) purifiers.

"Put simply, over the past 18 months, we have come to understand most people become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 by inhaling it from shared air. The risk is predominantly indoors."

Lidia Morawska Prof. International Lab Air Quality & Health (WHO CC)

Pre-filter & Carbon Filter

Not only does your Pre-filter enhance the life of the main filters, it is also the first stage in catching larger particles such as dust, dirt, and hair. Activated Carbon filters help eliminate unpleasant odours, so your indoor air remains fresh as well as reducing toxins and VOCs. This particularly benefits people who suffer allergies or aggravation from impure air.

"Just when you thought an air purifier so small, couldn't pack more… "

Bradley Carvalho, Carrier Technician - World leader in heating, air-conditioning & more

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